About Us

Welcome to Polpala Tea Malaysia!

Polapala Tea Malaysia is a herbal tea being marketed and distributed by Magnes Marketing since 2014. Our company focused on Polpala Tea with a vision of bringing people from all over Malaysia a healthier perspective on living. To date, we have gained over 500 loyal customers from 13 different states in Malaysia in reducing kidney and urinary tract related complications while reducing their blood sugar level.

We will do everything possible to help people reach their health goals through our amazing product. And our dedicated staffs are always here to assist you all day.


Our company want to bring high quality health products for people around Malaysia without the large price tag. Our product does not provide a quick fix to kidney and urinary tract related problems. But it works as a health drink that prevents complications and leads to a longer, happier and healthy lifestyle.

From the very beginning, we’ve been listening to our valued customer’s amazing feedback and took into consideration each and every single opinion. We have reduced the price as customers asked for it. We are providing free shipping when customers purchase more than 3 packs which is a great bargain. Simply because our company wants to support all our customers in reaching their desired health goals. We are here for you. Use our product to your advantage and live a healthier lifestyle for years to come.